Battlefield 3 / StarCraft II


WE ARE RECRUITING! We never shut the doors.

We are a West Coast Based Clan currently playing Battlefield 3, and a few of playing Starcraft 2.  We are open to many Games and Game Types.

Read the rules below!

To be considered as a member of Clan GKN, there a few things you need to know/have:

1. You must treat EVERYONE you play with/against with respect. Especially Clan mates. No exceptions.
2. You must have a microphone and Mumble. (
3. You must be over 18 years of age.
4. Caught cheating? Insta-ban. GTFO.
5. Have some fun, eh? Maybe wreck some kids or somethin'.

Everyone is required to fill out the following questions below. copy and paste the form below and fill it out by CLICK HERE

Where are you located?:
How often do you play per week?:
What games will you play?:
Do you plan on playing competitively, socially, or both?:
How did you hear about us?:
Copy the above text and paste it in a new message if you are asked to create a user or sign-in please do so! SIGNUP FORM