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Members Section Added to Forums

FYI, all members have been added to the members section of our forum.

Our first league match has been posted, we will have games posted a month prior, and it will be first come first serve for all league / ladder games.  There is only one rule in place, and that is that at least one captain must be in the game.

We need all members to sign up on Team Warfare League!

Our Team Page is:

All League Games will be held on Thursday’s between 6:30pm PST – 8:30pm PST starting December 8th.

** If I see alot of support I might bump us up to the 12vs12 but for now I will leave it at 8v8.

To signup on Team Warfare do the following:

    • There is a JOIN button on this page click it.
    • Password is: qq
  • GET your BF3 Punk Buster GUID from Optimizal or Extrix, this might be a requirement to JOIN our clan
  • Check out the EVENT calendar (it uses google apps)
    • All Events will be posted on this page whether it is a match or scrim.

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Stance on cheating

Found this on the Battlefield Facebook Page:

“We take cheating and exploiting very seriously in Battlefield 3 and want to make it clear that it will not be tolerated. This week, we’ve banned hundreds of offending accounts and have stats-wiped additional accounts for exploiting (such as boosting). We’ll continue to be monitoring and taking action against the minority that doesn’t respect the integrity of the game.”

Just a reminder to the entire community that anyone cheating in any game we support will be given a free, lifetime ban from everything related to Giv’n Kids Nightmares. No exceptions.

This concludes a GKN Public Service Announcement!

All servers updated to R8

Just as the title says, all servers have been updated to the latest patch.

Change list:
* Crashfixes
* RCON bugfixes; banList.add can now ban on player name
* Fixes for team & squad handling, both during and between rounds
* Server’s online state is displayed in the “GameId:” field in the server window (see server provider documentation)
* A server that is not on the IP whitelist will disconnect/reconnect to the backend after each failed attempt at publishing itself – so you do not need to restart game servers manually after DICE has modified the IP whitelist in the backend.

BF3 Servers Updated to R6

All 3 servers have been updated to version R6.

R6 Patch Notes (highlights)
– End of round crash fix
– Connection fix to avoid players occasionally being rejected during a join attempt
– Ghost server fix
– Enhanced kick reasons to better match situations for which they are issued


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New Murmur (Mumble) Server Setup! Connect Away

Yes sir! we got a new mumble server. Mumble is the client, Murmur is the server.

We are running the latest murmur server, hostname: download the client here.

Ventrilo requires you to buy hosted service to get past 8+ players, which I am not a fan of I am a server admin and to be quite honest why pay 15 bucks a month when you can do it your self.

However I will donate to the Mumble/Murmur open source project since it seems like the right thing to do.

Setting up the server took 10 minutes, you can set one up if you have a private server of some sort or even dedicate server.

You should be good to go!

Battlefield Day 3 – Drum Roll… PLZ

Wow, intense last few days.  Loving every minute of it! Wreck n Kids daily, but I must admit most of the crying is coming from the bugs in the game.

Servers Update

We got our servers up and running, but there are some bugs in the game that are making it a bit awkward, but still immensely fun! We’ve had to turn off our Punkbuster today and I will be installing some updates to them tonight.

Current Game Modes are:

  • 24 player Team Death Match (TDM)
  • 32 player Rush
We might end up with another server and split our 64 player server in 1/2 if they rubber banding isn’t fixed.
We are still recruiting so hit us up on our forums and say hi!
See you on the Battlefield folks, or in VENT!