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BF3 Servers Updated to R6

All 3 servers have been updated to version R6.

R6 Patch Notes (highlights)
– End of round crash fix
– Connection fix to avoid players occasionally being rejected during a join attempt
– Ghost server fix
– Enhanced kick reasons to better match situations for which they are issued


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TWL Tournament Server Settings for Battlefield 3

Seems like we will be running our SCRIMS with this script.  BOOYA


vars.gamePassword “(ENTER YOUR GAME PASSWORD)”
vars.serverName “(ENTER YOUR SERVER NAME)”
vars.bannerUrl “”
vars.serverDescription “”
vars.friendlyFire true
#vars.noInteractivityTimeoutTime 300
#vars.teamKillCountForKick 0
#vars.teamKillValueForKick 0
vars.teamKillValueIncrease 1
vars.teamKillValueDecreasePerSecond 0
vars.autoBalance false
vars.killCam false
vars.miniMap true
vars.3dSpotting false
vars.miniMapSpotting true
vars.3pCam true
vars.vehicleSpawnAllowed true
vars.vehicleSpawnDelay 100
vars.bulletDamage 100
vars.nameTag true
vars.regenerateHealth false
vars.roundRestartPlayerCount 2
vars.roundStartPlayerCount 16
vars.onlySquadLeaderSpawn false
vars.allUnlocksUnlocked true
vars.soldierHealth 100
vars.hud true
vars.playerManDownTime 100
vars.playerRespawnTime 100


3D Spotting: OFF
Friendly Fire: ON
Health Regeneration: OFF
All Unlocks: ON
Squad Leader Spawn: OFF


Tactical Flashlight (On Primary Gun)

BF3 Lag / Rubber Banding Issues and Possible Causes

Received some emails from our server providers regarding Random Server Crashes, Lag and Rubber Banding… No fix yet, but here are some of the reasons why its doing it.

Random Crashes

  • The servers are crashing, EA / DICE is aware and is working on it (seems to be when map changes)
  • other known issues, “Game Types” only support so many players, and there are servers out there running more players in the game mode then they should be playing and its causing the game to crash.
Rubber Banding Lagging etc..
The problem is the battlelog is connecting people to servers that they probably shouldn’t play on,  latency and throughput of the connection to the server is horrible most likely due to the server being across the country.
Other noticeable bugs are with Radeon cards with Crossfire.. GRRRR.

Battlefield 3 max players for server game types

This just in from Dice / EA :

 Errata for BF3 PC Server R5

Here is a short list of the most critical bugs in Server R5, which are currently not covered in the manual:

* The game server is not able to run any gamemodes in up-to-64 players mode. Here is the current number of max players:
Conquest – 32 players
Conquest64 – 64 players
Rush – 32 players
Squad Rush – 8 players
Squad Deathmatch – 16 players
Team Deathmatch – 24 players
This will be changed in future server releases.

* There have been a lot of questions regarding join queues and reserved slots. The join queue, and reserved slots with them, are currently disabled while we are weeding out other problems with game servers.
Both will be enabled in the future.

* There are problems with the game server kicking players willfully. The message “You were kicked by an administrator” is a catch-all phrase – it means that the game server disconnected you, for whatever reason (idle timeout, PB kick, real admin kick, …). We are working to improve in each of the areas, and to get more descriptive error messaging in place.

Now there are many smaller problems present as well. The above is the list of the most frequently encountered ones.

ATI Crossfire Battlefield 3 Stuttering Fix *FOUND*


So in order for this to work correctly 2 things must happen.

  1. Uninstall all ati drivers till there are no drivers left on your computer.
  2. Install the latest beta build of the driver. Catalyst Preview 3 Driver
  3. Install cap4 below.

Yay, a fix has been found. I am running 2×6970 and this has fixed me!

Ati Catalyst Application Profile Driver (11.9 CAP4download here Released Oct 26 2011

Release Notes:
Battlefield 3 – Provides great CrossFire scaling and resolves stuttering issues when running in CrossFire mode.
Deus Ex Missing Link: Improves CrossFire performance
F1 2011: Improves CrossFire performance
Dead Island: Improves CrossFire performance
Batman Arkham City (DX9 version): Improves CrossFire performance
NBA 2012: Disables CrossFire



Battlefield Day 3 – Drum Roll… PLZ

Wow, intense last few days.  Loving every minute of it! Wreck n Kids daily, but I must admit most of the crying is coming from the bugs in the game.

Servers Update

We got our servers up and running, but there are some bugs in the game that are making it a bit awkward, but still immensely fun! We’ve had to turn off our Punkbuster today and I will be installing some updates to them tonight.

Current Game Modes are:

  • 24 player Team Death Match (TDM)
  • 32 player Rush
We might end up with another server and split our 64 player server in 1/2 if they rubber banding isn’t fixed.
We are still recruiting so hit us up on our forums and say hi!
See you on the Battlefield folks, or in VENT!