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Assigned Squads / Kit Selection

As the BF3 TWL Competitive Season starts up, we have assigned a few players to squads and in the near future will be assigning everyone who wants to play competitively in a squad. If you’re name is not in a squad or you’re unhappy with your kit selection, please post a reply on the thread and we can add you.

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All servers updated to R8

Just as the title says, all servers have been updated to the latest patch.

Change list:
* Crashfixes
* RCON bugfixes; banList.add can now ban on player name
* Fixes for team & squad handling, both during and between rounds
* Server’s online state is displayed in the “GameId:” field in the server window (see server provider documentation)
* A server that is not on the IP whitelist will disconnect/reconnect to the backend after each failed attempt at publishing itself – so you do not need to restart game servers manually after DICE has modified the IP whitelist in the backend.

Go Back to Karkand in December

Our dedicated Back to Karkand team continues to make awesome progress on this expansion pack, which will be available in December at no extra charge to everyone who pre-ordered Battlefield 3. If you didn’t pre-order, you’ll be able to purchase it for $14.99, 1200 Microsoft Points, or the equivalent in your local currency, at the same date.

It contains four of the most loved Battlefield 2 maps boldly re-imagined in Frostbite 2: Gulf of Oman, Sharqi Peninsula, Strike at Karkand, and Wake Island. You’ll also get to patrol the battlefield with your favorite Battlefield 2 vehicles and weapons, and the expansion pack also features the return of the exciting variation on Conquest called Conquest Assault (more on that later). And for those of you who love your persistence, you’ll get new “Assignments” to complete for unlocks (we’ll talk more about Assignments soon)!


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7 Ways Battlefield 3 is Improving

To see DICE’s latest blog post, click here.

It’s interesting to read just how much criticism Battlefield 3 is taking, specially on the PC side of things. On one side, players say the game is excellent… on another, players say they want something more like Battlefield 2. I’m going to take this time to get up on my soapbox and say what I think:

Battlefield 2 was good in 2005 when it was released. In fact, it was incredible. However – times change and products evolve to stay fresh and exciting. If DICE kept putting out the exact same product from 2005, people would start to lose interest eventually. But how do you make everyone happy in this situation? The answer is you can’t make everyone happy. Enter Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. COD instilled in gamer’s minds that gameplay should be a quick, one man army style with plentiful rewards… Halo kind of did the same thing. Gamers developing more of a “I want this now” kind of mentality. Then there’s Battlefield (not Bad Company) off on it’s lonesome. Larger maps and longer games compared to COD.

Where am I going with this?

Games need to evolve to stay entertaining and be competitive in the market, however Battlefield shouldn’t be directly compared to the likes of Call of Duty or Halo… unfortunately that is the direction it’s falling into. Some of the changes to the Battlefield 3 were good, while others were just bad decisions altogether. I’m mostly talking about the features and design. The game chat took a step backwards. No VoIP. Awful minimap, etc.

It will be interesting to see what happens to the community and negative forum topics once MW3 drops…

– Extrix