Battlefield 3 / StarCraft II

BF3 Lag / Rubber Banding Issues and Possible Causes

Received some emails from our server providers regarding Random Server Crashes, Lag and Rubber Banding… No fix yet, but here are some of the reasons why its doing it.

Random Crashes

  • The servers are crashing, EA / DICE is aware and is working on it (seems to be when map changes)
  • other known issues, “Game Types” only support so many players, and there are servers out there running more players in the game mode then they should be playing and its causing the game to crash.
Rubber Banding Lagging etc..
The problem is the battlelog is connecting people to servers that they probably shouldn’t play on,  latency and throughput of the connection to the server is horrible most likely due to the server being across the country.
Other noticeable bugs are with Radeon cards with Crossfire.. GRRRR.

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