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Battlefield 3 max players for server game types

This just in from Dice / EA :

 Errata for BF3 PC Server R5

Here is a short list of the most critical bugs in Server R5, which are currently not covered in the manual:

* The game server is not able to run any gamemodes in up-to-64 players mode. Here is the current number of max players:
Conquest – 32 players
Conquest64 – 64 players
Rush – 32 players
Squad Rush – 8 players
Squad Deathmatch – 16 players
Team Deathmatch – 24 players
This will be changed in future server releases.

* There have been a lot of questions regarding join queues and reserved slots. The join queue, and reserved slots with them, are currently disabled while we are weeding out other problems with game servers.
Both will be enabled in the future.

* There are problems with the game server kicking players willfully. The message “You were kicked by an administrator” is a catch-all phrase – it means that the game server disconnected you, for whatever reason (idle timeout, PB kick, real admin kick, …). We are working to improve in each of the areas, and to get more descriptive error messaging in place.

Now there are many smaller problems present as well. The above is the list of the most frequently encountered ones.

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